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Driver Starter Package

Getting your first car is one of the most exciting times of your life, it gives you personal freedom and independence.  This is a great adventure and planning it properly and understanding the vehicle you decide to buy will help you enjoy it all the more.  You can either select a car from The Classic and Contemporary Car Company’s stock or they can help you select a car that meets your needs.  Any car purchased through the Starter Package will be fully serviced and any items needing replacement will be done prior to you picking the car up, such as tyres and brakes etc.

On collection of your car, you will receive a personal demonstration of all the features of the car, along with how to look after and maintain your vehicle in tip top condition:

Checking and topping up the oil
Checking and filling up the Washer Fluid
Checking tyre condition and how to maintain the correct pressure
Changing a wheel

The Classic and Contemporary Car Company can advise you on how to obtain the best insurance quotes in your own name so you can start to build your own No Claims Bonus from day one. In addition, you will also be shown through the myriad of paperwork that comes with a car and how to manage this:

Service History

Also as part of the Starter Package The Classic and Contemporary Car Company will provide you with the following car care items:

Chamonix Leather
Car Wash Fluid
Emergency Triangle
High Visibility Vest
1 Litre of the Correct Grade Oil
Extra Screen Wash
A Framed Photograph of You Collecting Your Pride and Joy

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